Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1930's Hair and Make-up

The short hair style stayed popular amongst most women till the late 1930's, hair was gradually worn longer in both waves, soft and hard curl. The majority of hairstyles were smooth at the crown to accustom hats while curls framed the face and the ends of the hair. Snoods (knotted hairnets) were one of the statement pieces worn throughout the era usually of velvet or chenille yarn.

Alice White with Soft Curls

Clara Bow with Soft Fingerwaves

Greta Garbo with the Smooth Crown and Soft Curls

Claudette Colbert with Intense Fingerwaves

Loretta Young

Hard Curls

Loretta Young

Claudette Colbert with Soft Long Waves

Make-up wasn't worn as strong in this decade compared to the 1920's, though the eyebrows were still pencil thin rouge was worn in lighter shades of light rosey colours, red and orange tones then primarily brighter shades of red were worn. Lips were painted in the style of the rosebud mouth which was plump, vibrantly coloured, moist and pert. Eyes were worn in lighter shades compared to the dark flapper look from the 20's with the lashes still full.

Ann Sothern wearing Flawless 1930's Make-up

Greta Garbo

Linda Darnell


  1. Wonderful tumblr :) By the way, who is the girl at the very top? Also, the picture directly under the Claudette Colbert picture is Rita Hayworth...

    1. Yes, Rita Hayworth!

    2. PS - Now under the photo of Loretta Young

  2. Loretta Young is the top and bottom picture.

  3. Just the top pic is Loretta Young.

  4. the best era for ladies ,not much theses days ,no longer are we as graceful as the 30,s era