Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Swinging Sixties

This period show cased a bunch of hip happenin' trends, this was the era of the mini skirt, velvet mini dresses, psychadelic prints, floral prints, bright bold colours and mismatched patterns.

Mod fashion short for "modernists" was widely popular this style came in bold, bright, wild hues, featured bold geometric shapes and were slim fitting. Prints often had clen lines and neat shapes and clothing often came in straight cut, circular cute or a boxy look with hard edges, they were usually also micro mini, sleeveless and sometimes patent.

During the early 60's capri pants were a popular choice for day wear, they also tended to wear simple geometric dresses this was labelled "the shift dress", suits that had short box style jackets with oversized buttons in pastel colours matching with a pillbox hat. Evening dresses consisted of a narrow waisted bodice, a low d├ęcolletage and full skirted ball gowns

In the mid sixties bell bottoms were the fad and every woman had a pair; they were often worn with chiffon blouses, midriff tops or sweaters which were ribbed. By the late sixties they were labelled " the hippie look". A few other great pieces that were in vogue during the mid decade were tent dresses, culottes, velvet mini dresses that had lace collars and matching cuffs, short plastic raincoats, dyed faux fur, nehru jackets and colourful swing coats.

The mini dress was also being worn during this time which was usually an A-line cut dress or a sleeveless shift dress, the space look was also another bold trend which consisted of box shaped dresses that came in fluorescent colours, PVC, sequins or other shiny fabrics, goggles and white boots.

"The Hippie Look" mid to late 60's 
Frayed and non frayed bell bottoms often teamed with batik, paisley and indian prints, tie dye shirts, fringed buck skin vests, mexican peasant blouses, gypsy skirts, flowing caftans, love beads, headbands, granny glasses, bangles and sandals. This was also known as "the gypsy/bohemian look".

By the late 60's the "micro mini" was introduced, these were hemlines which rose quite high above the mid thigh. Also being in style during the late decade was "the monk dress" which had a cowl neck which could be worned over the head (sort of like a hood), "the angel dress" this dress had long wide trumpet sleeves, a flared skirt and was mico mini, it was usually made with crocheted lace, chiffon, velvet or cotton with a psychedelic print and teamed with patterned tights. Tops with long transparent sleeves were fashionable, suede mini skirts worn with french polo necked tops, newsboy cap or beret and square toed boots were also popular towards the end of the era, as well as maxi coats which were often lined and belted with sheepskin.

A well fitted sheath dress was usually worn for evening attire; this often had long sleeves and was covered with lace, also worns were skimpy baby doll dresses which had spaghetti straps generally made from chiffon. 

What is a ....
Sheath dress? A Fitted dress that does not have a waistseam and often does not have sleeves (similar to a shift but tighter).
Shift dress? A straight dress that does not have any shape or waistseam.
Shirtwaist dress? A dress that has a bodice like a well tailored shirt and straight or full skirt.
Tent dress? A dress that is flared from above the bust area, sometimes with a yoke.
Maxi dress/coat? A long floor length dress/coat that is formfitting.

Floral Prints

Shift Dress

Bold Prints


Indian Prints

Gypsy/Bohemian Style

Peasant Blouse

Midriff Top

Fringed Vest


Bold Bright Colours

Angel Dress and Go-go Boots

Twiggy wearing a shift dress

Shift and Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses

Tent Dress

Velvet Lace Dress 
with matching Cuffs


Sheath Dress

Sleeved Sheath Dress

Layered Dresses

The Space look


Bell Bottoms

Bell Bottoms and Chiffon Blouse

Bell Bottoms and Midriff Top

Vinyl Outfit