Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Fabulous Forties

Alot of materials during this time were limited due to the war, so women had to be creative. Skirts and dresses during this time became much shorter preferably knee length dresses in a rayon fabric during the day and were quite often featured square shoulders. Blouses were simply cut, and tap dance shorts were worn during summer.

Towards the mid 1940's the swing skirt came into style, a full round or flared skirt which swung out when dancing this was usually worn with cardigans or sloppy joe sweaters. Floral prints were the fad of the early forties with geometric patterns and shapes being worn later in the decade and patriotic colours were generally worn (red, blue,white) there was alot of mixing and matching of patterns as there was a fabric shortage. 

The peplum was also popular which was a skirt that had extra fabric or gatherings hanging bewlow the waistline, it narrowed the hips the womens waists apppeared trimmer, the fashion of this time was simple and practical. Shorter straight skirts with short jackets or matching cardigans were also worn.Evening dresses were kept long but they wern't as elaborate as the dresses in the previous eras. Dresses were slowly replaced with trousers, suits and wedges, some women even wore factory overalls but they kept the looks feminine with curls and bright red lipstick.

Judy Garland wearing a 
Simple Blouse and Straight Cut Skirt

Vivien Leigh

Susan Hayward in A Floral Print Blouse

Square Shouldered Blouse 
and Straight Cut Skirt

Geometic and Floral Prints

Veronica Lake 
wearing a Typical Day Dress

Evening Dresses

Typical Day wear, Swing Skirt and Blouse

Swing Skirt and Cardigan

A-Line Skirt and 
Square Shouldered Jacket

Short Jacket and Straight Cut Skirt

Short Skirt and 
Geometric Print Blouse

Square Shouldered Dress

Narrow Hips and Trim Waist

Judy Garland

Hedy Lamarr wearing Patriotic Colours


Hedy Lamarr in Tap Shorts

Veronica Lake

Tap Shorts and Turban

Betty Grable

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