Sunday, September 20, 2009

1960's Hair and Make-up

The beehive and very short hair were hot in the early sixties but towards the mid to late sixties the chin length contour cut, the pageboy cut and long straight hair was in vogue. Some women also wore braids in their hair.

French manicures and shimmery eyeshadows especially in greens and blues were widely popular, false eyelashes and pale lipstick were the beauty basics of a 60's style woman.

Pageboy Haircut (Mod haircut)

Short beehive style

Chin Length Contour Cut

Bridget Bardot wearing the beehive

The beehive and 60's style make-up

Sophia Loren

Beehive Upstyles

Cher with Long Straight Hair

Twiggy with braided hair

Twiggy wearing classic 60's style make-up

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