Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1940's Hair and Make-up

Classic 1940's Style Make-up

The 40's showed hair with elaborate curls, or pulled back with scarves and bandanas. A few of the hairstyles that were in vogue were pin curls, the pompadour, curled bangs, side waves/marcel wave, waved side rolls/victory rolls though the styles of the victory rolls were endless, the perm, shoulder length hair and the pixie cut (hair cut short enough for pin curling), the hair was generally parted to the side rather than the middle.

The natural rosey look was the make-up trend favourite rouge colours were often red with pink undertones, bright rosey colours and bright pinks with fuschia undertones.

Browns and natural muted colours were used for eyeshadows, full mascara, think black eyeliner and eyebrows were thicker than the earlier decades the arches were well defined using a dark brown brow pencil.

A variety of red tones were used for the lips from reds, pinks and oranges, the lips were slightly exagerated.

Jennifer Jones with Curled Bangs

Pin Curls

Vivien Leigh

Hedy Lamarr weaing classic 1940's style Make-up

Veronica Lake, Pin curls on Long Hair

Ava Gardner

The Pompadour

Victory/side Rolls

The Marcel Wave

The Pixie Cut

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