Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1930's Shoes and Accessories

Marlene Dietrich

Gloves during this period were remarkably important as they completed the evening gowns, elbow length gloves were worn with evening dresses as for day wear opera length gloves (short gloves) were worn, usually made from fabric or leather. Women often matched their accessories gloves and shoes, gloves and scarves or hat and bags often in extraordinary colours.

The 1930's were all about hats, hats and more hats! Little velvet hats were the fad of this era as well as the pillbox hat, the turban, berets, snoods, and brimmed hats which were worn towards the end of the era. Hats were worn for almost any occasion and were regulary worn tipped over one eye throughout the decade, embellished with feathers, ribbons, brooches and net veils. Though styles from the late 1920's were still being worn throughout 1930, cloche hats were still being worn till about 1933.

Art Deco jewellery of bold colors and geometric shapes were still being worn in the 1930's.

Platform shoes first appeared in the late 30's and were generally made from cork, wood and other materials as there was a low supply of leather and a war ban on rubber. Shoes were also cut higher in the vamp which made them look a little plumpish. Sandals were instyle as the evening shoes had changed from the mary jane in the 1920's and were now open toed showing a glimpse of sheer silk hosiery. For the women who preferred low heels generally wore loafers, most shoes came in dreary colours of black, brown, maroon and navy.

Elbow Length Evening Gloves

Art Deco Jewellery (also refer to 1920's)

Marlene Dietrich wearing a Beret

Greta Garbo wearing a Turban

Turban with Flowers

Marlene Dietrich wearing The Pillbox Hat

What is a Pillbox Hat?

A classic pillbox hat is a small round hat with a flat crown and does not have a brim, it is smooth and straight all round with a level top. They often came plain and unembellished except with a net veil or a single jewel or pin.

Frances Farmer

Joan Bennett

Hat with Netted Veil

Thelma Todd

Ginger Rogers wearing a Lily Dache Hat

Little Velvet Hat

Brimmed Hat

Open Toed Sandals

Salvatore Ferragamo Platforms 1938


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