Thursday, September 17, 2009

1950's Shoes and Accessories

Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses, fake flower corsages or pins adorned with, cherries, flowers, or autumnal foliage, juliet caps, and embellished headbands were often matched with gloves. 

Gloves were worn both short and long throughout the fifties. Lucite purses were also a fad (plastic box purse). Bakelite accessories were still being worn.

Hats of all sort were worn during this period.

Spike heels/stiletto heels were worn and were both closed and open toed, the saddle shoe popular for both men and women it was white and black and looked like a sneaker, ballet slippers with white socks were also worn during this time.


Scarf around neck and Pony Tail

Pillbox hat with Veil

Opera Gloves

Floral Corsage

Long Gloves

Marilyn Monroe 
wearing Cat Eye Glasses

Bakelite Accessories

1950's Shoes

Marilyn Monroe wearing Stilettos

Saddle Shoes

Lucite Purse

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