Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Glamourous Thirties

Mae West
During this period a more conservative approach to fashion replaced that of the 1920's. Due to the great depression the ensemble was introduced, matching skirts or dresses with coats. Wide shoulder and narrow waists were the fad as well as the caplet/bolero, the handkerchief skirt which had many panels, pleats or gathers. The clutch coat was fashionable in this period as well; it had to be held shut as there was no fastening.

Dresses and skirts were worn longer remaining mid calf for day wear and the waistline was brought back up to the normal position, the masculine look had faded and the womanly look was back women wore butterfly sleeved tops and dresses they also came with puffed or ruffled sleeves. The most common cuts were V neck or cross over types which were accentuated with lace, ruffles or ties.

By the late 30's, emphasis was on the back. Halter necks and high-necked backless evening gowns with sleeves were in fashion and the fabrics used were luxurious and draped beautifully floor length.

Shoulder pads were popular as the broad shoulder look was in vogue. Fur was still being worn in this glamourous period.

Jean Harlow wearing Butterfly Sleeves

Loretta Young

Bette Davis

Greta Garbo wearing a Halter Neck Dress

Art Deco Geometic Print Dress


Ruffled Dress

Broard Shoulder Dresses

Exaggerated Puffed Ruffle Sleeves

Bette Davis - Ruffle Sleeves

Myrna Loy wearing a Puffed Sleeve Dress

Ruffled Caplet/Bolero

1930's Fur

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich sporting the Broad Shoulder Look and Ruffles

Exaggerated Shoulder Pads

Broad Shoulders and Ruffles

The Ensemble and a Snood

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