Thursday, September 17, 2009

1950's Hair and Make-up

Audrey Hepburn wearing 
classic 50's Style Make-up

In the 50's make-up had a peachy undertone and lips were often pink or red, eyeline was a little thicker than the pervious decades but eyeshadow had become lighter, wearing blues and green for the evening. Eyebrows were kept at a natural thickness.

The Hairstyles of this decade was generally shorter than in the 40's soft and curly but one of the most popular were the pony tail especially early during this period and the poodle cut which framed the face (very short curly hair), pin curls and using rollers to curl the hair were also one of the largest fads of this era. Long and straight hair was no where to be seen.

In the later fifties, the beehive and bouffant were in vogue.

For the evening the chignon and the french pleat was popular.

Audrey Hepburn wearing the chignon

Elizabeth Taylor

Sophia Loren

Shirley Maclaine

Pin Curls

Grace Kelly

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