Sunday, September 20, 2009

1960's Shoes and Accessories

Accessories during the 1960's were of less importance as the clothes were so loud but some of the ones that were worn were the pillbox hat which was popular often being worn with suits, ribbons, flowers and scarves were worn in the hair,  love beads, headbands, granny glasses, bangles and feather boas sometimes worn with evening wear. 

Patterned tights were also apart of every womans wardrobe.

As the trends went on shoes, boots and handbags were often made of patent leather or vinyl. Stiletto heels, low heeled sandals, kitten heeled pumps and white go-go boots were most popular in the womens foot wear department.

The Box Hat

The Pillbox Hat

Pillbox Hat with Veil

Boater Hat

The Beret

Berets and Sweaters



Flowers and braids

Hermes Scarf


Low Heeled Pumps

White Go-go Boots

Patent Boots

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