Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1940's Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and Purse 1944

The heels of the forties became rather thick and sturdy with laces, buttons or buckles and were generally closed, spectator shoes were popular (two toned shoes).

Snoods were also popular, a sack that was worn pinned on the lower part of the head over and around the hair but not over the head usually crocheted, knitted or netted also sometimes attached to hats.

For jewellery women wore bakelite accessories (plastic which could be carved into different shapes and colours were able to be mixed, very inexpensive), some which were home made.

Artificial flowers, veils and feathers adorned most hats but during this period many women chose not to wear hats on a regular basis but when they did the pancake or cartwheel (hat with very wide stiff brim and a low crown often made from straw). In this decade hats started to become unusual. Also fashionable were scarves and bandanas.

Linda Darnell wearing a scarf

Jennifer Jones wearing patriotic colours

Ingrid Bergman

Susan Hayward

Lauren Bacall


Carole Landis


Jennifer Jones Wearing a Pancake Hat

Cartwheel Hat

Susan Hayward

Cartwheel Hat with Veil

Hat with Ribbons and Veil

Hat with Veil and Artificial Flowers

Unusual Hats

Linda Darnell wearing Artificial Flowers

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